Today’s walk was nice. It felt good to work the muscles after they were sore. Taking it easy for one day was just enough. I listened to The Front Bottoms’ Back On Top while I walked. It’s funny, the ebbs and flows of daily walks. Some days you don’t get much out of it. TodayContinue reading “7-1-2020”


Exhaustion consumed me today. I’m not sure why exactly, but I just let it take me and sat on the couch and listened to stuff. I’ll try to stretch, but I don’t know if it’s in the cards. Things feel good, I’m just slowly coming back to myself.


Today was a small day, just some stretching book-ending the day. It was a busy front half of the day, and I’m still pretty sore from overdoing it the previous couple of days, so tomorrow I’m planning on light exercise and stretching.


Welp, today I woke up not in a walking mood, so I didn’t walk. I’m gonna stretch this evening while listening to some classical/ambient music I have stacking up in my queue. Haven’t had the focus much for music the last few days. Been thinking a lot about hobbies and their importance, but I thinkContinue reading “6-26-2020”


Today’s walk is going to be in the evening. My new walking shoes are arriving. I’m excited to finally get new exercise shoes. I haven’t bought anything exercises related since I’ve started getting more into it. I already know the album I’m going to listen to on my walk: The Tallest Man on Earth’s IContinue reading “6-23-2020”


Nothing today really. Went out for a bit, but nothing crazy. No dedicated exercise. Tomorrow, though, I will, UPS-willing, get my new walking shoes. Then I’ll start up again.