Finally settled in with everything. Today is stretching in the evening and that’s it. Nothing much. An exciting day, though. Periods of quiet, periods of new things, periods of settling.


I walked today to The National’s Sleep Well Beast. It’s surprisingly good walking-around-the-neighborhood music. It fits the drab, suburban life better than anything I’ve heard. Didn’t realize that until today. The walk was good. Pretty tiring. My whole body is very sore for some reason, and so it made that a little worse, but overallContinue reading “7-12-2020”


The body adjusts quickly. My legs are still half jelly, but the walk today happened much more easily. I did not have to push too much. It helped my head more than anything, which I’m always grateful for. The walking music was the entirety of Tycho’s Awake, which is great birds-are-singing-and-it’s-a-lovely-day walking music. Overall theContinue reading “7-9-2020”


Today was my rest day I guess. I didn’t want to go for a walk today, so I just kinda didn’t. It felt good to just slack off and relax. I’m enjoying all my time for myself right now. That will change soon, but for now it’s good.