A return to normalcy, and hopefully, a return to routine. Didn’t exercise explicitly, but did things around the house through the morning, helped family unpack, etc, etc. Things feel alright. Nothing is nagging at me internally, and I’m still just waiting. It’s been the hardest part of everything to just sit on my hands. SoonContinue reading “9-20-2020”


The air is starting to clear up, so I believe tomorrow I can, at least a little bit more safely, go out for some exercise. I’m looking forward to it. Staying inside so much is messing with my head. Exercise was important. Hopeful about the day.


Another day inside. I have the house to myself starting tomorrow, which is nice. I’ll hear about a job, too, which is neat. Who knows what’ll happen. I’m excited, and feeling overall pretty good. I could do more exercises while stuck inside, but it’s not that bad.