Watched movies for the day. Dealt with the dogs I’m watching. One tried to attack the other, so that was scary. Exercise before bed. Not much else. Tomorrow I’m planning om doing more with the day. Also it’s Thanksgiving. We’ll see.


Did chores throughout the day. Stretching in the evening. Nothing else really. Another weird day. Something’s off, but I can’t place it. Workin’ on it. Feel okay though, in a general way.


Another slower day. Didn’t do too much. Exercised and stretched before bed, but nothing else really. I feel alright. I’ve been pretty quiet lately. Building new routines has me stepping back from previous ways of doing things. The night stretching has been nice.


Didn’t get out, but I’m really enjoying the little exercise I do in my room before bed. I already feel better, but it’s just a nice time to myself to decompress. And it feels real good to be exercising again. Feelin’ alright!


Didn’t get out but got my body moving throughout the day and did some productive things so I feel good. I want to get out but it’s gonna be chilly. It was foggy here until the afternoon! We’ll see how tomorrow feels. Things are okay!


Slept in wildly long for some reason, which is strange. Didn’t do much else. Will walk tomorrow, probably. Stretched and did some exercises before bed. Nothing crazy. Today was just kinda off. I dunno.