*page idea from Derek Sivers

What I’m doing now:

Things are better now. The system I had put into place regarding creative efforts and exercising fell apart during the months of fires. Some days were okay to go out, others were smokey and orange and gut-turning scary-looking out the window. It got to me. These things happen.

I’m writing this in a better mood. I’m slowly coming out of whatever I was in. My goal now is to get back to work on focusing only on the things that I can control on a daily basis. Anything other than that can result in not good things. I can do daily positive things that will add up to feeling better. That should take my focus, not things out of my control.

Nothing else is really happening. Looking for work, trying to do alright with everything going on. Finally not feeling hopeless.

Hope things are going alright with you, whoever is reading this!

Updated: October 9th, 2020