*page idea from Derek Sivers

What I’m doing now:

At this current moment, I just finished cleaning up over a decade of things that have piled up in my closets. It feels good to purge of old stuff. It’s funny what you find, too. I found old high school projects, college bookstore receipts, random birthday gifts I don’t remember. I kept some things, got rid of the rest. Most of it was junk anyway.

Besides that, I haven’t done too much and I like the new system. I’m focusing time and energy on mental health work, trying to work on myself, etc, etc. A part of that has been hobbies, photography, exercise, video games, reading. Writing will one day soon fit into that mix, I’m just taking some time away from it.

Things are good so far. There is life on the other side of work.

Updated: July 22nd, 2020