Today is the start of something. My shoes came yesterday, and so now the only hindrance to me walking multiple miles comfortably is gone. I can begin to exercise as before when I had my procedure.

It’s exciting. The one thing I missed most wasn’t the exercise itself but the structure it created in my life. Wake up, walk, shower, dress, eat, then work on something. That all fell away once I couldn’t move almost at all for a couple weeks, and then more, but slower through the rest of the weeks. My work slipped away and I was in and out of depressive moods.

But, now I can get out every day and focus once again on my health, build my body back up to where it was before.

On today’s walk I listened to Slaughter Beach, Dog’s Birdie and Mansion’s Doom Loop. I stretched for about 15 minutes while finishing up Doom Loop.

It feels good to be somewhat back.