Went out and about. Didn’t get my exercise intentionally, but did a decent amount of walking and had a good day despite a gloomy, late morning. Things are looking better for the future in the latter half of the day leading into the end of the first week. I can’t speak for the future, butContinue reading “1-5-2021”


It’s slow going, but I did a bunch today and feel pretty good. It was raining pretty good for most of the day, so I didn’t get out, but I have plans to get a poncho so even if it does I can get out. Pretty busy, but pretty good day.


New Year! I have some goals for myself, some that I’ll keep to myself, but overall, I want to walk every day no matter what. That’s the biggest thing. I’m gonna do my damnedest to take care of myself.


Not much of anything really. A calm last day of the year. I finished reading my last book of the year, which feels nice. My goal for the new year is to read triple what I read this year. We’ll see. Also to take better care of myself. That’s important, too.


Nothing really again. Feels okay, reading before bed. Tomorrow I have some necessary chores, responsibilities, so that will, hopefully, be a catalyst for continuing slow daily progress. Times passes regardless. Might as well try to do things I enjoy.