Vol. 1

I want your trip

Craft Beer Spells

Pandamonia – Ammonia for kids

tending to my body’s garden

Sects of Hipsters:

1. Exposed brick hipsters

2. Artisanal Everything

3. Yoga is more than exercise, it’s a lifestyle

To the mom with the hand tattoos, I think I love you

Maintaining an ice box

Art, bad days, and soy milk

Katniss’s favorite chip: Peetah

No unauthorized displays of PDA

Brain’s on a break

They were the hippies who got jobs

Slim Shady, but orchestral: Shady’s Bach, Bach again

Official anxiety tm

Scream texture

James Bond Music while I walk away from my own funeral

Real Bummer Hours

“It might not work” – say this all the time