Tiny Stretching

Little Changes


I went for a photo walk today, and had my first run-in with someone who didn’t want me taking photos. It was very strange. After the fact, I spent the rest of the morning researching photographer’s rights, which state that my taking photos is perfectly within the law. I even checked with photographers, and theyContinue reading “8-6-2020”


I’m in the process of changing the routine. I still plan to walk every day, but instead of making it specifically about exercise, I’ll bring my camera and take photos. Doing both in a day takes so much time and is tiring. And taking photos is an important thing for me right now. Today’s photoContinue reading “8-5-2020”


I dunno. I was supposed to go out in the morning, but got distracted. Then I was gonna go out on a photo walk, but just didn’t feel like it. We’ll call the day a wash. Tomorrow I’m going out on a photo walk. I feel like it, and miss photography. Everything just felt unappealingContinue reading “8-4-2020”


The mental aspect of the work that I’ve been doing is something I’m noticing today. Other things in life have been good the last few days, and, though I’m taking a rest day today, I’m in good spirits. This week, so far, is looking pretty alright.


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