Tiny Stretching

Little Changes


Finally got out of the house today. It felt great to get out, but it’s funny the haze I was in. The first five minutes of the walk I had a crazy headache and couldn’t think straight. My brain was out of control. It got better with time, but wow it’s pretty wild how strongContinue reading “9-25-2020”


Well, still nothing. I’m trapped a bit in my head again and for whatever reason it’s made me scared of the outside. I’ll try to get out again tomorrow. I know it’s good for me, I just don’t get out. I’m feeling alright besides, just a little frazzled.

9-22-2020 and 9-23-2020

Nothing really these last few days. I’m in a slump and the slump continues. I’m pretty sure I’m gonna get out tomorrow. It’ll be nice.


Nothing again today, but that’s okay. I was productive in other areas, and feel capable of doing things tomorrow. Just a little off the routine.


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