Tiny Stretching

Little Changes


Nothing really again, but I kept myself busy in the downtime, which was cool. I never got that needling anxiety feeling. Don’t know what changed or what’s different, but I’ll take it.


Nothing really again, but my mouth feels better, which is wonderful and relieving. The last few days have been a ball of anxiety just wondering if my teeth were falling out. They weren’t, luckily. Getting back into the swing of things a bit more, not too much, but it’s nice to think a bit in…


Feeling strangely today. Hoping it passes. Besides that, an okay day.


Writing this the day after. The day did not feel good. More tooth pain that threw me off and made me frustrated and on edge the whole day. Not sure what do do. I already went to the dentist and was cleared. Hopefully this clears up. It’s hard to even think sometimes.


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